Return to Grace: Restoring Those That Fall Away

Breaking The Chains of Condemnation and Loving in Spite of Sin


This site is a basic stage one effort for a restoration ministry called: Return to Grace: Restoring Those That Fall Away, that has just been launched. This site's purpose is simply to provide a platform for low resource outreach to those in need. Return to Grace is based on the principles in LUKE 15 that Jesus illustrated. Far too long have we as believers simply stood by as our brothers and sisters fell away; surrendering both souls and ground to the enemy. But as the Parable of the Lost Sheep illustrates...we should seek those who stray and try to bring them home. Too many times a believer is struggling and needs help, needs someone to care; but they often find only cold shoulders and lofty glances from the ones in church who should be expressing love and genuine concern. Well this ministry will be dedicated to ending the cycle of condemning attitudes, and help folks struggling know that God loves them and WILL FIGHT FOR THEM. No matter how far you have fallen, no matter what your sins and struggles are; God loves you dearly in spite of that sin and struggle...and you are just one small step from returning to grace. I will personally walk with you through the dark valleys; rather than simply walk by you; and that's how we all should approach this issue. Praise the Lord Almighty!

*NOTE: Ministry E Book resource is available on Amazon/Kindle for those interested in picking up the torch of restoration. A  print version is now also available  via Create Space and will soon be in some bookstore locations nationwide. Though these items are at a minimal cost in order to aid the ministry in its ongoing facilitation; I will make allowance for those with limited resources and in certain cases personally provide them at my own cost, so they will be completely free of charge to you. Also, a leadership guide to the general implementation of this ministry body-to-body will also be available in print and e book version by Oct 10,2016. Thanks*

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Absolutely not. Jesus died for us while we were yet sinners, and HIS blood FOREVER removed the stain, penalty and power of sin. See ROMANS 7:1-22 to see how Paul even at the peak of his walk of faith still struggled with sin. The idea here is that since we live in the flesh, the nature of flesh and nature of Spirit are in constant conflict. As long as you honestly confess sin, acknowledge that it is indeed sin, and in your heart wish to be free of it; then that is what is important. If you feel burdened with guilt, shame and/or sorrow oover continued sin, it proves your heart is right and Jesus' blood covers it. As far as God is concerned..WHAT SIN?? In this situation it is not sin seperating you from God but the heavy self condemnation you feel regarding your shortcoming. IN SPITE OF SIN..LET HIM IN!!
Absolutely not. Since Adam and Eve fell away in the garden, Israel and Christians have repeatedly fallen away; repeating the same sins again and again. We have continually added uncountable sins to our records, grievous sins, long periods of sins. There were several hundred year periods of constant sin; yet God still sent Jesus, whose blood is far greater in it's power to clean and restore than any amount of sin we can entertain/undertake. You are NEVER " too far," for God's love and grace to reach. AS the Casting Crowns song, " One Step Away," matter how numerous your sins, no matter how long a season of sin; you are just one step away from being returned to grace. That step is simply turning back to Him, confessing those sins, and trusting that His love is greater than your sin.
Nope. Romans 10:9&10 tell us that if we confess with our mouth Jesus IS Lord, and believe in our hearts God raised Him from the dead; that is all we must do for salvation. Baptism is an obedience and symbolism principle. When Christ took our sin upon Himself, He also had to go under the pall of death; in order to be raised again. Baptism is something we do to follow the pattern; we go under the water so the old self, the sinful flesh may be washed away; so when we come out of the water we are raised a new life in Christ. However, this IS a critical step in obedience and spiritual growth; and is something we should want to do as a statement of our faith and sign of our dedication to living as a new creation in Christ.
Not literally, no. The "church, " is an earthly institution that represents the Body of Christ, but is not a building, a location or a group; the "church," is the body of believers in Christ wherever they are. You are as much a part of the church in spiritual sense while you sleep at home, strive at work, etc. However, a Christian should reflect obedience; and neglecting church attendance robs both you and others of the benefits of fellowship and sound scriptural teaching. It is a critical element of the faith that is vital to spiritual growth and obedience; as well as a source of strength, wisdom, accountability, etc. While you are spiritually part of the church wherever you are, being literally present brings incomparable spiritual benefits...its like multi vitamins for the soul. If you don't attend a church I advise at the least, watch weekly sermons on the internet so you can at least hear what God has to say, and not inhibit your growth.
This is a complicated question I can only answer loosely. Jesus made the statement about it after others accused the movement of God as one of satan; that Jesus' actions were of the devil. However, there is an underlying principle of intention and state of heart here. A spiritual leader once put it to me like this: " If you are worried you may have committed blasphemy of the Holy Spirit then you have not; because the fact you have concern and fear regarding it shows you have a reverent attitude towards God, else you would have no conscience regarding it. "
Likely not. We must realize that our feelings aren't a consistent or accurate guage of our spiritual state. Several things can give us the impression of spiritual numbness/absence of God. 1) Unconfessed/unrepentant sin can put a veil between us and God; angry, bitter, hateful, jealous attitudes can do likewise-this compromises our ability to sense God's presence and hear His voice. 2). satan can obstruct/impact our emotional state to an extent, and can make us feel like we are numb or empty even when God is right with us. 3) Not being driven and consistent in our daily prayer, study, fellowship, and such can lessen our spiritual sensitivity and thus impact what we feel related to the presence of God. 4) Sometimes life simply "gets us down," and that itself can cause the feeling of seperation. We do well not to allow our emotions, impressions, and feelings to dictate our perspective, faith, and actions.


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This is here simply as a platform to to fellowship and communicate. If you have struggles or trials; bring them here. Let us minister to each other and share each others' burdens.


SHINY4U JESUS:Restoration Minister

I spent much of my life falling away from God, being restored; the repeating the process. However, I've learned not to condemn myself for failings; for that self condemnation was what drove me away, as I felt too guilty, too unworthy, too prone to sin to return to God and stay the course. If we cannot yet break our chains, we can either let them hold us down or drag us back...or we can make a conscious decision to pick up our chains and carry them as we follow Christ in spite of our weakness until the Lord shatters those chains.



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Return to Grace, (ministry overview/outline)

Hello my beloved brothers and sisters in Christ! Here is a copy of Return to Grace (general outline,) for use as a resource. I hope this gives a more complete overview of the scope, mission, and intention of this ministry. If any have questions or concerns please feel free to contact me. God Bless!!

Return to Grace.rtf

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This is legal jargon, necessity for evolution into a proper NPO ...BYLAWS pending approval and soon to be posted

Articles of Incorporation





(Under the Iowa Business Corporation Act)

FIRST: The name of the corporation is

Return to Grace:Restoring Those That Fall Away.

SECOND:The principal place of  business of the corporation is

4327 N. Fieldcrest Dr.,

 City of Sioux City,

County of Woodbury, Iowa, 51106.

 THIRD: The name and street address of the registered agent is

Geoffrey A. Penner,

 4327 N. Fieldcrest Dr. ,

Sioux City, Woodbury, Iowa, 51106 .

FOURTH: The purpose for which the corporation is

 organized is To provide resource, education, and platform to fulfill the general ministry; specifically restoring those who fall away from God..

FIFTH: The corporation is authorized to issue a total number of 0 shares of stock.

SIXTH: The name and address

of the director(s) is: Geoffrey  Penner

 4327 N. Fieldcrest Dr. Sioux City, Iowa 51106

SEVENTH: The name and address of the incorporator is

 Debra Gassaway, 410 Pierce St #608,

 Sioux City, Iowa, 51102. EIGHTH: The period of duration of the Corporation is perpetual.

______________________Signature of Incorporator Debra Gassaway

 _______________________Print Name of Incorporator.

Date: __/__/_____

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Donated Funds and Their Appropriation

RegardingDonated Funds & Appropriation

      The intention is for the ministry to evolve into a proper NPO(Non-ProfitOrganization), therefore this ministry will rely upon the contributions of those God moves upon to donate; in order to have and provide resource to those in need relevant to the ministry's purpose. Since we are in stage one of the ministry, it is currently a one man operation facilitated, operated, and resourced by myself alone. I am currently awaiting official approved, registered, and licensed status for Return to Grace as an NPO; so for now any donations will be on a strictly "open gift, " basis. This means any funds sent are considered a "free will," donation/gift, and may or may not qualify as a deductible expense depending on the amounts given and local, state, federal statutes regarding such. This also means that as such, I would be under no legal obligation to appropriate the funds as I have stated below; however, this is a matter of integrity and is of vital importance that I and this ministry be transparent. It is my desire to be honest and to provide as much clear and complete evidence of appropriate use of funds received, and I am willing to do whatever is reasonably within my sphere of influence to ensure your gifts are evidenced by facts and proof.  Please be aware of this. 

   However,please keep in mind your primary and first obligation is to God in relation to your home church; 10% of your income should first be given in that respect to fulfill your tithing obligation. Also, take care of yourself and your family as next priority; as it is a scriptural principle to be responsible for such. Third, neither God nor I, "Want your wallet," but your heart and dedication to God, in Christ as Lord and Savior. 

Should you choose to give, this is how the funds will be appropriated. First 10% of all revenue will be directed back to the kingdom at my home church. Next 20% will be set aside specifically for crisis and emergency resource for those in critical situations of immediate need. Next 10% will be used for general maintenance of the site, and facilitation of the ministry in relation to that. Next 50% will be general ministry funds used for: providing the resource e book and physical copies to those wishing to carry the torch of restoration but don't have the resources to afford purchase; without costing them a red cent. Also for training, equipping and educating the Body to combat backsliding, meeting transportation, housing and living expenses for those who are traveling and progressing the kingdom and the message of restoration, etc. Final 10% will be appropriated as resource for myself to be able to commit full time to this ministry, so I can meet basic needs without having to detract from the time and efforts invested in this calling placed on my life.

**HOWEVER**I will honor requests if individuals, groups or organizations wish to fund specific aspects of this ministry as well,(I.E. if you wish to donate specifically to crisis relief, resource acquisition/distribution, etc.) Funds and public posting of record/expense will be limited to the 80% relative to the ministry aspects; I will not be posting general details on the 10% allotted tome; only evidence of the amount(s) that 10% totals. ** 

    I will post regular and quarterly public record of expenses, receipts, and revenue used from each dedicated appropriation in order to be accountable and have all contributors confident that what is received is directed specifically as stated in integrity. Donors will be identified by first name and last initial, date of gift received, amount given, appropriation breakdown so each can review and confirm said donation and appropriation. Tax obligations will be paid out ofthe 50% general appropriation except for the 10% appropriated to myself as facilitator and sole ministry capacity; as such I am responsible to meet tax obligations for that myself. ( Any surplus from amount set aside for projected tax obligation will be given to local charities that help those in need; IE., food banks, crisis intervention, etc.) Should the appropriation breakdown need adapted (adding staff, adding resource, etc.) I will post public addendum to amend current format. 

  (In the event of a bounced or returned check you will unfortunately be liable for the associated costs, but not for original amount stated in the donation records; this is only because the ministry and workof the kingdom cannot afford to have negative financial impacts without accountability. If you aren't sure you can afford it, simply don't give. I want you to be healthy, and have your own needs met; not stretch you thin and risk compromising your ability to be self-sufficient; and I certainly don't wish for anyone to neglect tithing obligations for that would be robbing God.) I will make copy of the check/order, mail copy back; and receipt relative to the funds used will be emailed to donor. If interested in contributing by check or money order, please email me at and I will give further instruction. 

Remember, your support and contributions are just as appreciated in the form of prayer, testimony, and fellowship. God will provide what is necessary monetarily one way or another. Thanks for all your support and God Bless!

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Newsletter gives basic updates on items relevant to the ministry; general faith concepts, testimony and general information


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